3M 24 Inch Widescreen Privacy Filter

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New Gold Filters for on-screen privacy and data protection, An unprotected screen can expose sensitive and private information, trade secrets and business plans. And the reality is that a visual hacker may only need one piece of valuable information to unlock a large-scale data breach. These days, screens are everywhere, and so are visual hackers. With the increase of mobile workers, open workspaces, and the migration of data to the cloud, screens can display private information virtually anywhere.

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59.9 cm (24")

10 reviews for 3M 24 Inch Widescreen Privacy Filter

  1. J. Lock

    Works really effectively and is a great fit. Others have commented on how well it works. It has a Matt and a glossy side. In the past I have always used the matt side on these things, but on this one it really sharpens the image on the screen and the extra reflectivity increases the effectiveness of the privacy.My only grumble is the fixing mechanism. Sticky strips to be attached to the screen means that it introduces areas of distortion at the edge of the screen or wherever you put the double sided tape. I have not yet had anything get behind the filter and had to remove it, so I cant comment on the reuse abilities of the double sided tape. I do prefer the variants that have a restraining strip that attach to the plastic surround, not to the screen itself.

  2. Phoebe Appleby

    Really, really, really disappointed with this product, which DOES NOT PERFORM AS ADVERTISED. Not only is the angle or extent of privacy no better than that for the standard all black version, despite the extra expense, the performance is also grossly inferior. Even for the laptop owners own viewpoint, this screen significantly dulls the colour contrast, adds a very grainy tinge, and is negatively impacted by diagonal lines running across the whole screen which make continued usage painful on the eyes. The screen also starts to curve slightly after even a days usage, further impacting user clarity and refraction of light through it. Finally, the screen is also highly reflective glossy even in UK office light, making large portions of the screen wholly illegible with light reflections. The screen is no better on either side, despite one side being gold and the other a still glossygrainy black. Had to remove it after only a couple of days and unfortunately cannot use it at all. Stick with the original all black screen instead Cheaper, and though still not perfect someone sitting immediately to your left or right can still read your screen unless significantly angled away from them at least it doesnt dull the users own experience eg its not nearly as reflective. Would be keen to swap it for the plain black one, but have obviously already opened the package. Feeling completely missold on a product just not up to usual 3M standards.

  3. Rachel Denny

    Terrible product, clearly visible netting lines which are very widely spaced, does almost nothing to shield the screen from the side.Please see the pictures to see this product vs a competitor product.I immediately started the return process as this doesnt meet requirements from my work.

  4. Grimbles64

    The adhesive strips are useless. Despite cleaning my screen thoroughly and ensuring it was dry, I applied the filter as per the instructions. Within just a few hours the filter was coming away from the screen and wasnt sticking. I could try an alternative sticking method although I am not sure how that would affect the transparency of the filter or the touchscreen capability. Massively disappointing. Would not buy again.

  5. Superdoc

    Diagonal lines make this unusable on my Dell Precision 1920×1080 portable workstation, so its going straight back. Have a look at the photo. Actually even without this feature, it would be no use to me because it is just plain annoying and does not protect the nearer parts of the screen, so if someone approaches from your left, yes they will see the left of the screen. It also has a nick cut out I suppose to enable you to get a purchase on it when you want to remove it which would be annoying also. Not recommended.

  6. Andrea Hoskin

    When Im working on the go or at my client and partner offices I need to know my laptop and its content remains secure.This privacy screen works fantastically at doing just that. The angles are great People literally have to invade your personal space and come up behind you to see your screen.Its super easy to install and remove as needed and works well as an antiglare screen too.If you have a micromanager who is always looking over your shoulder this is ideal and if asked tell them its just an antiglare screen, they cant stop you from using it .Best thing Ive ever bought for the officeFast delivery and product came in great condition. Though it isnt cheap, it makes the product even better because few people have them or even know they exist.

  7. Atir

    My main concern about using this was that screentext clarity would be too impaired as Im failry sensitive to distortionsharpness but Ive had this fitted to my laptop for 2x12hour shifts and so far Im very impressed with it. The level of clarity is fantastic and doesnt cause me any issues even with my extended windows of use. The privacy element kicks in such that colleagues sat to my left, right and diagonally behind me cant see any confidential information but instead are presented with a solid goldorange screen. Fitting was simple, the slide mount tabs allow for smooth removal and replacement as necessary. My only gripe so far is it appears to be something of a fingerprintdust magnet, probably to do with it being gloss compared to my matte laptop display but ultimately this is manageable as Im focussed more on my work than fluff.

  8. Tracey Wheatland

    This is a quality product, but I do have mixed feelings. The sticky tabs that hold it on worked for a few days and then just started falling off in the end, theyre pretty useless. Im now using extrastrong postit notes to keep the screen held onto my Apple monitor, which of course looks silly.As far as the functions of removing glare and creating privacy, that works well enough. It doesnt remove all the glare, but it certainly helps on reflective monitors, and the privacy filter is about as good as could be expected.Overall, Id say they could seriously improve how the screen is held on… for this price, its a bit crazy that it ends up as just a sheet that you have to MacGyver on yourself.

  9. manolo caadas perellon

    It does what it is supposed to but here are the issues I found. 1 coating cracked on the top right, amazon replaced it BUT I would expect 3M to have got this bit nailed to a tee. 2 You can see fine diagonal lines running across the filter. Quite reflective, a matt coating would have been nice.I do like the fact it is reversible Black Gold and comes with permanent and non permanent mounting options.

  10. Davenport Burgess

    For privacy is excellent as people around can see only a black screen. I bought it for reducing glare and i am happy with it. I got less glare and i can see the things on the screen clearly as before, even with setting the luminosity at minim level.The manufacturer should state th the description that it has two sides one gloss and the other dull. I was about not to buy it as i thought it had only a glossy side. Also the glossy one reduces brightness and you do not see any reflections, at least in my studio. Become a mirror when the screen is black, but once used no problems.The manufacturer should decribe better the mounting of the filter on the screen. I had problems as i put the sticker on the wrong side of the filter. Fortunately you can remove them. This working out fine as i discovered that the second method of mounting the filter was much better. With this you can slide off the filter and swoop to dull or glossy easily.A problem is that sometime at night he screen becomes more glary. Summary nice peace of plastic useful if you need it.

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