BT Converse 2200 Corded Telephone Wall-Mountable Black

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Hands free, Has all of the above functions and 10 one touch memorybuttons, Limited Discount applies to this product: full contractual discount may not apply to this product, Pause (for number memory)

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Answer Machine


Basic Product Colour







180.0 mm

Hands Free



100.0 mm

Number of Handsets


Phone Book (Maximum Entries)

10 Entries

Product Type


SMS Text Messaging


Time Stamped Call Log



220.0 mm



74 reviews for BT Converse 2200 Corded Telephone Wall-Mountable Black

  1. Josh Evans (verified owner)

    nice phone , clear instructions , works well but volume could be louder on hands free

  2. Colin Wenborn

    Hearing aids are good, but for answering the phone theyre not so good They tell you to hold the phone at different angles to hear the caller, but it doesnt work for me, so I acquired the habit of taking the hearing aid out to answer the phone. Tedious. Hence taking a punt on this phone.It has a T loop facility in the handset we assume thats where it is that works okay with the receiver volume at normal. It fades as you move the receiver way from your head, as youd expect. There is also a button to amplify the sound, which works very well means a normal hearing person across the room can listen in if they want, or even if they dont want I supposeThis is my phone of choice. If a call is important, I get callers to my mobile to call back on the fixed line so I can hear without a struggle. Next step is to try a mobile with a T loop… Handset is comfortable and easy to hold, unlike your average smart phone which gives my cramp after a while, clear buttons that are obvious and easy to use I know using a fixed line is old hat, but if you need to hear clearly, and want the person at the other end to hear you clearly, then I dont think you can beat using this on a fixed line. So what if it isnt coolDownside the handsfree optionis poor no amplification option, seemingly no T loop assistance, and very poor, fuzzy quality. Disappointing.

  3. SP1DERGUY (verified owner)

    I needed a spare phone and this fits the role perfectly.

  4. Kelly Bosworth (verified owner)

    Good phone but handsfree is unusable

  5. B. Argast (verified owner)

    Good for power cuts

  6. Redportal

    This replaced a recently purchased similar model. The other model had required batteries and broke within a few months. I specifically wanted this one as it requires no batteries like my other very long standing and very good landline. So there is much less scope for it to break and I am very happy without a caller number showing.The phone is lovely to handle, sturdy and substantial and easy for me to use on long business calls it tucks well under the chin so I can type notes as I do when I do not want speakerphone on. The speakerphone function seems to work well although I do not often need that so not given it much of a test. Nor have I used the headset function as I do not like head sets.It plugged in fine exactly where the previous phone did.I wanted one that plugged into the electricity in the wall like the old one not one to run off the computer or USB port function compulsory and it does indeed plug in like the last one and the cable to the telephone landline socket similarly simply replaced what I had before in seconds.I went for black as my previous white phones got dirty quickly.I have not tried to attach it to the wall but it came with screws to do so for those who might want that.A good landline home or business phone all round in my view.Another advantage of tihs over the shortlived one which needed batteries is I can take it off the hook when I go out without its causing loads of interference with the PC and awful noises. As this one has no batteries inside it does not have that effect. Much better all round and a lovely easy to use sturdy handset too.

  7. Carol Norton (verified owner)

    Get one now

  8. Gemma Foster (verified owner)

    Good phone but the handsfree is unusable

  9. Mike Van Der Es (verified owner)

    arrived quickly and is in good working order

  10. margo987 (verified owner)

    Ok but not loud enough for me as hard of hearing. So sent it back.

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