Duracell 9V Plus Power battery x2

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We all know that the very best batteries do not demand too much attention. Batteries should be hassle free, reliable and keep your devices working without causing too much fuss. With incredible performance, astonishing consistency and reliability you can count on, it is no coincidence that this 6LR61 Plus Power battery from Duracell is an industry leader., Duralock technology preserves power charge for up to ten years in storage, Limited Discount applies to this product: full contractual discount may not apply to this product

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15 reviews for Duracell 9V Plus Power battery x2

  1. Yue Hong Tang

    I ordered three sheets. I received only two. The two sheets I received are good quality and worth the cost. I have not even now, had any explanation of how and why this has not been put right. I have paid for all three items. I may have to go to the small claims court for redress. This the first time I have had any trouble with Amazon despite many many purchases.

  2. D. Wood

    Bought these to replace the Duracell batteries in our smoke detectors which had expired after seven years. Duracell batteries may cost a little more than some other batteries, but why would anyone skimp on something as life-critical as this?

  3. Eva Diez

    Disappointed as they were drained just find out as I try them on yesterday. Need to do quality check before sending them to ur customers.!

  4. Michelle Challenor

    Well, I’m stumped as I just wrote a review for this and it disappeared.However, I’ll say it again! I use this brand wherever I can, and these are in use in my metal detectors where they have a great, long life. They run and run, and I like them very much. Yes, they can be costly but they make up for this in longevity

  5. Ms. Kat

    Tres utile

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