Duracell AAA Ultra Power MN2400 Batteries – Pack of 8

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We all know that the very best batteries do not demand too much attention. Batteries should be hassle free, reliable and keep your devices working without causing too much fuss. With incredible performance, astonishing consistency and reliability you can count on, it is no coincidence that this LR03 AAA Ultra Power battery from Duracell is an industry leader., Our most powerful alkaline battery. Improved., The only battery with an integrated powercheck mechanism., Press Powercheck to see the power inside., Available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9 Volt., Limited Discount applies to this product: full contractual discount may not apply to this product

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33 reviews for Duracell AAA Ultra Power MN2400 Batteries – Pack of 8

  1. Michal

    They’re not cheap but when you have to use disposable batteries these are as good as you can get. I originally started using them following positive comments in a Which magazine test, and since then they’ve become my battery of choice in torches, remote controls and other devices.

  2. prisrob

    Very unhappy with Duracell batteries as all have leaked before they required changing. Leakage has caused terminal damage to four clocks and a remote unit. After the latest leak discovery I have ditched all Duracell batteries in use and the remainder of unused stock; I will move on to another brand. Duracell used to be a reliable brand but clearly they have some serious quality issues.I would note that I have had the above same problems with Duracell batteries bought both from supermarkets as well as through Amazon Prime so it’s not just a single source.

  3. Stacey Todd

    I thought that maybe the 79% of 5 Star Reviews would indicate that the latter 1/2 star reviews might have just been unlucky people.Well, I guess I was one of those unlucky people. 9 of 12 Batteries were DOA (Dead On Arrival). Even when I refused to trust the bar on the side meant to be used to check the amount of charge left, I tried them in several large and small appliacnes ranging from a small LED Desk lamp which took 1 AA battery, to a XBOX One V2 Controller which takes 2 AA battieries, to a Electronic Music Keyboard which takes 4 AA batteries.Apparently the product is produced by PSA Parts LTD also known as Duracell Direct as an Amazon Seller, but this product was sold directly to me by Amazon EU S.à r.l., UK Branch according to the Invoice.. I will be contacting to either get a refund or replacement as this is utterly unnaceptable. I refuse to let them take nearly 8 quid for basically giving me 3 working batteries.First two batteries worked for 7 days of use in an XBOX One V2 Controller with around 60 Hours of total usage. It was when I went to replace the batteries which had died that I discovered one of the batteries was dead, and checking the next 8 batteries meant I concluded a total of 9 batteries were dead.

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