Energizer Battery Recharge Power Plus 9V

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Thse batteries from Energizer are rechargeable. Great for powering your standard devices.

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10 reviews for Energizer Battery Recharge Power Plus 9V

  1. Richard Carnell

    I bought these 4 batteries to run in a Roberts Radio in January 2019. It is now April 2019 and one of the batteries on full charge is less than 1 volt. consequently my radio will only run for approx. 1 minute. This is a pain as I now have to go and buy another one and as we all know you cannot buy 1 you have to but 2, what do i use the other one for O, of course, i can save it for when the next battery diesDont buy these batteries go for a proper make like Duracell

  2. Amit Kotadia

    Great batteries for my Roberts Radio.I have found that Energizer are superior batteries in the non recharegable ones, so decided to pay the extra for the rechargable ones and an Energizer charger. I charged them fully on receipt and they are still going strong in my radio. This has been on for most of the mornings and sometimes the afternoons too for several weeks now so I am very pleased so far there is no sign of them fading. The only downside was they seemed to take ages to arrive.

  3. terence leathley

    As soon as these arrived I thought something was wrong with them, they were too light. I was going to send them back but Googled the problem first. It seems that they are C type batteries in a D type shell. I cant really send them back as they do hold the amount of power as stated on them. They do the job but I should have paid more for longer lasting D type batteries.


    I purchased these for use in a insect killer. I was using some Ikea rechargeable AA batteries in an adaptor previously and thought these would last longer. They dont in any measurable way but thats to be expected in hindsight as the Ikea are 2450mAH and these are 2500mAHI know the Ikea rechargeable batteries Im comparing them with are basically Panasonic eneloops rebranded so excellent quality but the AAs only cost me 6.99 for 4 so overall offer better cost per capacity.One think I noticed is that the batteries do recover very well from being discharged to practically zero volts. This is excellent so have given them 4 stars. They are not the cheapest but are from a brand that you know and are likely to last longer and have more recharge cycles than unknown brands.

  5. Neo

    Normally I would have given these batteries a 5 rating as Ive bought them before and they last approx a year. This time however I seem to have a faulty one which takes at least twice as long to charge and must discharge more quickly as Im not getting very long between charges. I would return them to the seller for a replacement if I could remember where I bought them

  6. SDM

    First impression was these batteries are very light, they dont even feel the quality you would normally expect from Energiser.The batteries do Hold their power for some considerable time, however when used, they discharge extremely fast.I brought mine for a cree torch, its original batteries had lasted over 2 years so you can see how often i use this torch. When used with these batteries, the torch lasted just under 4 hours.There is nothing physically wrong with the batteries, ive had the same issue with many brands, in the 2500mah bracket. And that is the key, its the 2500mah, for a D cell many companies make them very low, even their non chargeable ones have a far higher mah rating.I would recommend this for an item you dont use often, but not for everyday items. For those you will need something in the range of 10,000mah.

  7. Mark Kerry

    disappointed with these batteries as I thought they were a lot higher capacity than they actually were. It turns out to be the case that they are only 2000 and therefore hardly practical for large drain items. I decided to send them back in the end and buy 9000 ones instead

  8. TBTold

    I wish I had read the description fully. These are incredibly lightweight, I mean they feel like they would float. The capacity is 3000mAh, which is just a little more than a good rechargeable AA battery. Go pay some extra and get 10000 mAh D Cell batteries from other suppliers, over three times the capacity for just a small premium. These just do not last long in use. If you need lightweight batteries, then would be good, but why are you choosing large Dcells if that is the case

  9. TerryW

    I set up two Beam outdoor lights one with 4 x D rechargeable Batteries and one Beam light with ordinary D batteriesThe Beam light with the Energiser rechargeable batteries lasted approx 1 week so I recharged them fully and they then lasted for approx 5 days. The other light with the non rechargeable batteries in is running beautifully.These batteries are a total waste of time and money and it seams that I cannot get my money back.I assume that they are fake. the76y are sold by Amazon.

  10. Nsiddons

    Brought 2 of these batteries they take 11 hours to fully charge and depending on what you are using them for they only last a couple of days. For what they cost they are not worth it you might as well by a big pack of normal ones as they will last so much longer. The delivery was very fast and good service please do not blame the seller as he does not make these only sells them.

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