Energizer LR44/A76 Batteries Pack of 2

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Energizer alkaline button batteries are the best choice if you use wide range of small electronic devices, from calculators and scales to flashlights and toys. These LR44 size batteries are non-rechargeable but with their capacity of 150 mAh and output voltage of 1.5 V they will provide your items with long-lasting power., Sold in packs of two batteries each, they are a high quality, reliable product which meets all requirements of the most demanding customers. If you need to power your electronic gadgets don’t be in two minds about buying Energizer alkaline button batteries and enjoy your smallest devices running for a long time.

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9 reviews for Energizer LR44/A76 Batteries Pack of 2

  1. MR S

    Brought these for our car remote controlcentral locking key fob and so far they are performing well with no problems. I have brought this brand before in other types of battery and torches hence buying this size this time round so expect them to be as efficient as those already brought over assorted years.

  2. OoC

    The Energizer brand is now my goto brand as I have not had any leakage problems with these, unlike DuracellThese are priced at less than a third than youd pay in a supermarket and promptly delivered to the door.Great value product.

  3. dfrancis

    I cant answer any of these questions….they are not the size I wanted so I have no use to test them. I specifically searched for a particular size….these came up in the search results so stupidly assumed that they would be the battery I wanted. As my search term only included the battery code number was disappointed that these had even appeared in the search result.

  4. Jack Meaden

    Very happy with these batteries. I bought them for a set of carp bite alarms

  5. Dennis Ebert

    I like to have some in stock as a couple of things in my house use these batteries, e.g. bathroom and postage weighing machines, and so useful to just be able to replace the batteries.Usually seem to last for a long time too.

  6. Steve W

    Ideal hard to find AAAA 4xA batteries ideal for Microsoft Surface Pen.My Surface pen stopped working and in unscrewing it I found it to use this AAAA size very slim battery not stocked by my local supermarkets that seem to only to AAA or larger.I ordered and these were delivered promptly and seem to be genuine Energizer batteries… refitted one to the pen and Im away drawing and sketching again the Surface is great for that by the way. With two in the pack they last a long time I now have a spare and can be confident Ill be taking notes electronically for many months to come

  7. Scrat

    These are perfectly standard LR44 batteries by a major manufacturer, so theres nothing to comment on, really. Except that Ive seen them in exactly the same blister pack in supermarkets at over twice the price

  8. Sonia de Sylva

    Best before date was 2021, a fair few years into the future yet all 4 batteries were dead. They did not work in the intended item and when tested with a multimeter all batteries had no charge at all. Given the amount of positive reviews I can only assume that I received a faulty batch. Amazon have said that these batteries arent eligible for a refund so be aware of this gamble factor when ordering.

  9. cmoizer

    I got these batteries for a laser pointer for the cat to chase, which replaced the supplied Chinese batteries. Which have lasted a few weeks of intermittent use. The Energizers lasted for about 30 seconds before the laser pointer disappeared. I dont know if I got a dud batch of batteries or theyre just hopeless, but I was pretty unimpressed. And bought a USB laser pen instead. Theyre not expensive so it wasnt worth pursuing a refund. I would lean towards something with a copper top next time.

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