Fellowes Shredder Oil 350ml – Each

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Shredder Oil for Maintaining Shredder Performance, With 350 ml of shredder oil, you don?ÇÖt have to worry about running out in a hurry, just enjoy a shredder that you can rely on, time and time again., Material Safety Data Sheet…

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10 reviews for Fellowes Shredder Oil 350ml – Each

  1. fernman

    Firstly, I didnt realise just how big this bottle would be but its huge at 25cm tall I think it will last until long after Ive left this worldSecondly, you have to take off the screw on lid and get the seal off, which wasnt just a case of pulling it off I had to poke a pair of scissors in the seal and cut it round. Then you have to cut a bit off the tip with a pair of scissors. Unfortunately, I clearly cut too much off so far too much oil poured out all over the top of my shredder I got round that by pouring a line of oil on a piece of paper and shredding that instead. But I will try and find another, smaller bottle for it, with a smaller hole in the spout…..

  2. Ben Thomson

    Before using, I spent a long time clearing my crosscut shredder. The improvement once oiled was immediate and several months on, still evident, but I cant comment on longevity. Apart from telling you to apply across entry there are no directions. It would be useful to know how often this should be done. Also, apart from branding the oil Fellowes, there is no indication what sort of oil it is. Petroleum, vegetable I presume the former, but have no way of knowing hence, the three stars for value. Still, the shredder is working like new, which it had not been for a long time.

  3. Piero

    Ive never lubricated shredder blades before but thought Id give it a go with my new shredder. I think that it works as the shredder might be running a bit more quietly, but not much.Looking at the ingredients its just rapeseed oil which is available from your supermarket at a much much lower price. But the container and nozzle are just the right size for your shredder. So buy it once and refill as necessary, keeps the cost down and might keep your shredder lasting longer.

  4. I. L.

    I have a Fellowes shredder for home use. All all these 2 years I have been ignorant that its needs frequent oiling for optimal purpose. I realized the shredder is deteriorating in performance with paper getting stuck each time.It is then i decided to read the manual and was enlightened that how important it is to keep it oiled. I wanted to go for a branded one instead of going for a cheap ones available. Was glad when I saw the Fellowes brand.Pros.1. As this is sold by Fellowes, you know this is just right for your Fellowes shredder. Do not take a chance with the cheaper options available.2. It was packed well and safe by Amazon.3. Its a quite a big bottle and will last for months based on how frequent use.4. The red cap snaps on the tip and prevents the oil from spills.5. The performance of my shredder has increased since I used it. It is less noisy and give better performance. I now realized its a must have.Cons.1. The tip on the bottle is sealed and will need to cut open with a scissor. You will not realize this and may accidentally cut it lower and end up spilling lot more oil when using. Make sure you just pierce the nozzle.Overall very glad that i purchased this. I now know how important it is to keep the shredder oiled and this one is an excellent quality. I will recommend this.

  5. Tom Howard

    I have used office shredders for many years now and not realised that you should regularly oil the cutting blades.My old shredder packed up on me so I bought a better model shredder and read in the info that oiling should be part and parcel of using the shredder to make it last longer.So now I oil the blades every time I empty the shredder.Doing a bit of research on the internet suggested that you should take care with what oils you choose to use to lubricate because some oils are flammable.So I choose a Fellows oil confidently because my shredder is by the same company the bottle itself is large and it should last me for many years to come.

  6. Christine Luhning

    Shredder Oil, what more can I say its oil for your shredder, great nozzle for direct access to the bladescutters on our fellowes shredders, nice sized bottle lasts a fair while with weekly oiling of 3 shredders. I like to squirt on to paper then feed through the shredder like an oiling sheet but you can use it both ways and seems to work well, so far no problems, have purchased in the past and will purchase again in the future. Bottle can become a little sticky and does seem to become a little gloopy when you are nearing the end, but that might be because weve had it for a while, maybe if you use it quicker oiled more shredders or more often it would be ok.

  7. Nicky Westlake

    We all know machines will be destroyed if you skip out on maintenance or lubrication. If you have an office or care about anything, this is an inexpensive dose of preventative maintenance for your shredder. Every time you dump out the tray just drizzle a sheet of paper with this magic dinosaur juice, sandwich another sheet on top of the oil so you dont drip any on your nice new shoes or moms carpet then feed it into your shredder so the fun keeps going. If you do this, your shredder will work better and you wont burn out the motor. That used to happen to me and this oil will stop it. Its a machine with closefitting moving parts. OF COURSE it works better with lubricationThis bottle will last a long time and its cheaper than the others. Perfect for a home office or small business. Comes in a handy rectangular bottle with a nozzle and a little cap that clicks on a light machine oil in a handy applicator bottle is a useful thing anywhere and fits nicely on a shelf or in a drawer.

  8. Andy Brown

    What can you say about a bottle of oil I have not used oil in shredders before so will have to see if it makes a difference. They tend the fail when the motor goes rather than by being blunt.Several reviewers have commented on the oil being thin and running everywhere so here are two suggestions1 Cut the tip very careful right at the very end and cut in very fine increments down the nozzle until you get the smallest hole possible.2 Do not remove the wad and discard it as you would expect. Leave it there and pierce it instead with a needle so you get a very small hole.This will enable you to squeeze the bottle and get it out drip by drip. Works for me.Hope this is helpful.

  9. Bill D.

    Something that Id never thought about was oiling the cutters of my paper shredder. Came across an article on it and decided to buy some oil.Fellowes oil was recommended in various reviews so I purchased someOrdered using Prime same day and the oil was delivered that evening.My shredder isnt a Fellowes and due to the design of the paper feed I was unable to apply direct through the feeding slot.This wasnt a problem as you can also place oil between sheets of paper and oil your cutters this way. There are youtube viseos to show how to do it this wayTook a couple of minutes to carry this out and the shredder was back in action

  10. Diane Robinson

    I have been using the oil as recommended a quick dosing across the entire opening width of a new Fellowes shredder each time the box is emptied.A word of caution would be to remove less of the nozzle tip than you think would be necessary as the oil is quite low viscous runnier and you could end up flooding the cutters which would be both messy and expensive.It certainly seems to be keeping the blades cleaner of paper dust and perhaps less jamming reversing and forwarding until clear but time only will tell if that translates into longer blade life and durability of the machine.

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