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89 reviews for invoxia Voice Bridge Black

  1. Mark French (verified owner)

    After a short trial, sadly I sent it back. I wanted desperately for the technology to work its theory is completely sound, but our BT land line let us down. VOIP is an essential cog in its wheel and, without FTTP fibre to your premises intermittent trouble for Voice Bridge inevitably ensues. Oh to live in Singapore, where 400mbps is the norm mine is 9mbps. There are similar avenues of disappointment concerning mobile reception it is not good enough. In the house, I have one pip on my iPhone, if I am lucky. There would appear to be a complete lack of Ministerial understanding of the Countrys communication requirements, plus nil comprehension of the economic potential left out of reach by poor comms. Alas Even now, BT is trying to catch up but, for the silent majority, it offers only FTTC, and many will live over a mile away from their neighbouring Cabinet.

  2. Steven Bayliss (verified owner)

    weve three handsets in the workshop. I wanted something where i could answer the landline handsfree as to keep working .im using iPhone 11 pro with a Plantronics Voyager Legened ear peice.1. when the land line calls, t takes up to 4 rings before the calls comes though to the mobile earpiece2. the call quality when i call out if only ok3. if one of the other guys in the workshop answer the phone first and then i need to join in, its pointless , i cant make out a thingoverall, pretty shoddy ,

  3. Judy Smith (verified owner)

    Updated Day one so far, pretty good

  4. dragoon (verified owner)

    Does just what it claims. My wife and I can now answer landline calls on our iPhones. We had old cordless handsets that didnt work very well anymore. I was looking for a replacement handsets, and I thought what if the iPhone could be used as a landline handset, and came across Invoxia voice bridge. Not only does it work in the house, but also when out and about on other WiFi networks and 4G.

  5. GeorgeS

    This product although sounding promising under performs badly.The audio quality of the call is terrible low bitrate. Very noisy and there is an echo on the line. Sometimes the echo can be very prominent and very very off putting.The app features several terrible ring tones and even these are produced at such a low bitrate that they are ALL very annoying. Were they recorded using a ZX Spectrum Sounds like it.If the quality of audio was even adequate then this would be an excellent product, but as it is, I have to say AVOID

  6. william powell (verified owner)

    Four and a half stars, almost perfect, and Im rounding up because they made me happy. Im most ecstatic about buying a bit of tech that you just plug in and it works. No messing around, no creating accounts on their marketing departments wet dream web site, no demands to pay a monthly fee for premium access that includes the zero key. It just works.Im on Android, various Samsung phones from the S range, all work near perfectly.The loss of half a star. Sometimes it refuses to make an out going call. You just have to close the app and restart it. Also, the app is technically still beta which isnt entirely acceptable given its been that way since last year and its July now.The other tiny gripe is, the app doesnt work like the phone app with regards to screen locking. So you have to unlock the phone at the end of a call to hit the end call button. Its not a huge hardship but could be better.The device itself is pretty small and cleanly designed, I would have liked to have seen screw hooks on the back to make it easier to mount, but meh.

  7. Carl Spitzer (verified owner)

    WOW now i can get my USA landline calls and make calls FREE from anywhere in the world

  8. Wendy Trebilcock (verified owner)

    An intriguing and potentially very useful device.It does indeed alert landline calls on the mobile, but I found the audio quality unusable, making the device for me useful only as a page to call back provided ID is not withheld.Further point.If you have two lines, device will only register to one and half calls missed. Increasingly pointless for me. Needs huge further development.

  9. Anton Smith A (verified owner)

    My landline phone has terrible quality of voice. I hoped this would help and to some extent it did. Its easy to set up and get working, I have an Android Pixel 3 and my partner and iPhone 8. We installed the corresponding apps and was initially impressed by the quality and loudness of sound through the app. However, problems became apparent the more we used it. A lot of the times the app doesnt ring and hence I miss calls but what is worse is that when Im on a call I can never be sure it wont drop out. I even take the trouble to get closer to the WiFi AP so that I have full signal strength due to the worry of it dropping the call, however, this appears not to help.It could be a good product and is exactly what Im looking for, however, it is let down by the quality of the app and quality of the system, it really needs far more testing and quality control.

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