Motorola Walkie-Talkies Talkabout T82 Assorted 2 Pieces

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The Motorola Talkabout T82 walkie-talkies can withstand the roughest of environments, making them a tough companion for all your journeys. You can set them up in the blink of an eye thanks to the easy pairing button. Read maps even in the dark with its built-in LED torch. Stay connected at larger distances with the help of these wonderful walkie-talkies that have a range of up to 10 KMS.

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10 reviews for Motorola Walkie-Talkies Talkabout T82 Assorted 2 Pieces

  1. Christine Smith

    Received the product promptly and in good order. Wanted a higher end walkie talkie as another means of communication. Instructions are easy to understand and every thing is user friendly, my main gripe with it is the advertised 10km max range. It did say that it depends on surroundings, weather etc so I was really only expecting get a max range of maybe 5km. I put this to the test by giving my brother one, who lives about 2.5km away and we had no signal at all. So I drove to the top of his road less than 100 metres and almost clear line of sight only a garden fence and the side of his house between us and it worked fine. Planned to rive back home and stop every 200 metres or so to test the signal but a mere 200 metres away and the sigoal was so poor, we could barely make out what the other was saying. So the real range is about 100 to 200 metres away in an urban area which they dont mention in the description and they must have tested it. If they were honest about it, I would have given maybe 4 starts as the VOX function is quite poor, as described in other reviews. We are yet to test in an open area like a park or something.

  2. doran

    I purchased a 4 pack T82 Extreme set for my sons birthday, they arrived on time, but the boom mics were missing. The batteries were fitted with some fully charged, and some part. Motorola tech support confirmed they should not have come fitted. Very disappointed. The range seems limited on the pair I tested this morning. I wonder if this is why they were returned previously.

  3. Christine Costello

    Batteries lasted all weekend good stuff

  4. HANS K

    We use these radios for both cross country races and parkrun in all weather conditions. The furthest distance away is probably about 5k and they work fine. This is across fields so cannot comment on how the range would be in a built up environment.

  5. Denise Bhme

    The t82 is working good so far, of cause it never reach 10km if you use it in the city or lots of other environments surrounding you, yes it work less than 1km, and thats enough for my and my son play hide and seek, but the vox is not what you think, you have to speak very loud before it work and yes delay, even use it with the headset thats comes with the package.Still Motorola is the most trusted brand, Im still very impressed, remember this is not the pro radio, but still think before you buy, what you really use it for.

  6. Nisha Moore

    Im working at the farm and we had to test them before writing a review. Good battery life 23 days in a continous use. Last time we forgot one at the field and it was cold and raining the whole night. Next day we came to work and we realized that we are missing one phone. We called it and it responded at the field. It can survive a lot

  7. Margaret Nightingale

    Good Walkie Talkie, used for skiing to keep us all in touch with the kids.Need to preset the channel to be used to a seldom used one. But once set everyone can speak and listen. Saved us many a anxious time when we did not meet up at same location we were supposed too. But one call on the radio and perfect, we knew where they were.Worked perfectly in the ski run valley we were all skiing in. From top to bottom. Range there was a few kilometres.Worked mostly bit of crackle when in adjacent ski run valley. But this did not affect us as we were all skiing as a group or supposed to be.If we were more than 1 valley ie with 2 hills in the way, did not work.Used within town as well, when we were back at chalet base and wife was at shops. Range a few hundred metres.They are larger than expected, for example the 7 year old to wear around neck with supplied lanyard.They have LED light which was helpful.The Micro USB charge port was helpful.We got 2 days use out of them per charge, we used sensibly when we needed to contact one another between lifts etc to plan the run. Could have done a 3rd perhaps but did not want to risk it.Comes in great handy case.Did not use mic or ear piece as was not convenient to do so when skiing.

  8. RocMa

    Its a good quality product, it gets 45 because the hands free or VOX as its called is useless. Otherwise it does the job well.

  9. R. Childs

    The contents are not the same as in the description.Motorola has changed the product so that the Remote Speaker Microphone RSM in the model name is replaced with the Police type ear piece and mic.All works well, just not as sold.

  10. Belinda Hale

    Great set of radios for the money its also good to buy from a big recognised brand like Motorola. As with many tech products s they will do much more in terms of features than I will use but you can use them straight out of the boxPositivesGood battery lifeSimple to useBuilt in LED torch great ideaClever screen that only lights up when you want the functionYou can add me red sets and they are easy to pairNegativesWould have liked a charging cradle for all four they have the pins on the back for it. Instead you have to use the supplied mini USB charge cable its fiddly and a port that water could get in to

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